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Performances you should not miss

It’s 8 p.m., Satellite opens its doors. No, it’s not Satellite as we are used to see it. When 2 hours before we heard the sound of the babyfoot’s balls at the bottom of the goals and the laughs of the guy who had one too much pitcher of Karmeliet, now everything is quiet. Satellite is transformed.

Instead of the tables at random, now the chairs are carefully aligned, turned to the stage where we can see a strange decor. The regulars know, while the new comers get ready to discover something the never saw. No, theater is not always a place where we fall asleep on the artists’ long tirades. It’s not either an old corny Vaudeville.

You sit, your beer at your feet and you don’t know what to expect. Why is there grass, a cyberpunk box and a strange character in the middle of Satellite’s stage? You will discover…

Coming soon…