Sat card

Sat card

What is it?

The Sat card is the member card of Satellite’s association. It gives you the status of support member within the association, which simply means that you are allowed to come to our general assemblies. Not really fun, sure, but that’s only the beginning, it gives you a lot more advantages…

The non exhaustive list of advantages is as follows:

  • A discount on concerts entrance fee
  • A discount on theater nights entrance fee
  • A discount on the month’s draft beer
  • A discount on the month’s bottle beer
  • A discount on your SatRocks ticket
  • Access to our board games evenings
  • Access to different games you can borrow at the bar
  • A Satellite goodie available at the time of the registration
  • A 10% discount on comics at Belphégor in Lausanne

If now your only wish is to get this card, it’s possible to buy it at the bar (at any opening time) for only 15CHF. Simply ask kindly to one of our waiter and fill the few required informations.