Games available
At any time

Just next to the bar is a full cupboard of divers games. All of this equipment is available for our clients, at the only condition that they own our Sat card, You will find there the following games: cards, chess, backgammon, abalone, ligretto, power 4, checkers, scrabble, go, Storm on the chessboard I & II.

Games available under deposit
Available at the bar

The most precious games are kept by our waiters. But in exchange for a deposit, you will be able to play at them! Don’t hesitate to pass by the bar and ask for them. We have tarot games, carambola pieces, go pieces, ping pong rackets and balls, petanque balls, molky and even keys to a giant chessboard next to Sat.

Board games evenings

Members only

Every Tuesday evening, Satellite sees throng inside a pack of clients, coming to search for something different from what they’re used to. They know that between 8 p.m. and midnight are organized the board games evenings, allowing every interested person to come and play… Play to what?

At any game, as long as someone want to! You can of course satisfy yourselves with the games available permanently. But you have to know that we have a less known board games stock, but way more passionating than usual games. These are available only during board games nights.

Upcoming board games night: