Beer tastings

Beer tastings

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Who hasn't felt intimidated when arriving at Satellite by its seemingly endless choice of beer? There are lagers, so far so good. Then come amber ales, stouts and IPAs. Dig deeper and you'll find triples, goses, barley wines, imperial porters, in short, a whole range...

If you're a bit curious about the world of beer, want to learn more about a craft brewery, or just want to spend a quiet evening drinking some incredible beers, then these events are for you.

The brewer comes to Satellite to present 6 to 9 different beers from her brewery, tell their stories, ingredients, or anecdotes about their craft, while you can taste a small glass of those beers. On top of this, there is a delicious catering with humus, cheese and vegetables.

An occasion you should not miss! But you'll have to be fast: Reservations open on the preceding Thursday at noon precisely (or almost...), and they sell out in a few minutes!

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