Screening - Annie colère


February 1974. Annie, a working-class mother of two, found herself accidentally pregnant when she met the MLAC - Mouvement pour la Liberté de l'Avortement et de la Contraception (Movement for the Freedom of Abortion and Contraception), which performed illegal abortions in full view of the public.
Welcomed by this unique movement, based on practical help for women and the sharing of knowledge, she found a new meaning to her life in the battle to pass the law on abortion.

Screening in collaboration with Polyquity as part of Menstruation Week. Free admission without reservation, on Sat's outdoor terrace. Free popcorn and sirup!

Language: FR

Directed by: Blandine Lenoir
Starring: Laure Calamy, Zita Hanrot, India Hair
Duration : 01h58
Genre : Drama
Suggested age: 14y