[40 years] Electro marathon


On Friday, we've got a big night planned for you: 2 stages, 2 bars, 800 people and lots of electro. Drum'n'Bass, HardTek and dub, everything you need to spend the evening tapping your feet with a beer in hand!

Inside stage
9.00 p.m – I-Ubhiya
10.15 p.m – Hømie G
11.45 p.m – A.L.K

Outside stage
8.30 p.m – Inkube
9.45 p.m – Kumarion
11.00 p.m – Mandidextrous
12.15 a.m – Gladde Paling



French-speaking artist from Lyon, working on rhythms and sounds, navigating between the styles of HardTek, JungleTek, AcidTribe, MetalCore, Techno... An underground artist on the UNSR Records label, he's got the crowd on their feet with his frenzied, genre-bending sounds.

Gladde Paling

In the summer of 2021, a Dutch producer/dj decided he wanted to start something new and fresh.
The name of this new project would be ‘gladde paling’. Without overthinking it he started to produce
several meme tracks with Dutch samples taken out of old computer games, internet memes or
nostalgic songs. In no time we went from local hits like ‘een vliegtuig’ to big collaborations with artists
like Vieze Asbak.
What started of as some sort of joke became a big (inter)national success. With shows all over the
country and more than half a million streams on spotify paling proved himself to be a worthy artist in
the Dutch bass scene. Everyone loves his famous tags and the nostalgic samples.
The producer behind the paling has been making music since he was very young. His years of
experience made him the skilled producer he is today. These high quality productions combined with
the creative aspect of this new alias is for gladde paling the formula to success.

Hømie G

Hømie G grew up surrounded by roots and underground sounds, allowing his inspiration to travel across time and culture, from the beaches of Montego Bay to the depths of Queensbridge. It was at the age of 16 that his path crossed that of the Free Party movement, in which he began to perform in DJ sets and analogue live sets. A founding member of EuxMek SoundSystem, he has been working the scene in French-speaking Switzerland since 2017, putting on original events and passing on the essence of the movement. At the same time, he also discovered English bass culture and over time forged a real passion for Drum & Bass, which brings meaning and depth to his production. He eventually met and found his place with other enthusiasts, eventually joining Yoūr Collective in 2022 and Oxyd3 in 2023.
During his sets, Hømie G relies on the dynamism and coherence of his selections, while maintaining the importance of introducing niche tracks to the public. Expect an explosive and sharp mix, jumping between Jungle, NeuroFunk, DnB and Tek with heavy hip-hop and reggae influences. The lyrics take centre stage, as does the face-melting bass grease.


A young producer and soundbuilder, I-Ubhiya composes, experiments and creates a style with all her influences, mixing roots, deep dub and even shatta.
She made her debut at parties in the Jura and is still looking to build up her live experience, getting invited to several towns in France and Switzerland, including the Dubquake Festival.
France and Switzerland, including the Dubquake Festival.
Also head of the Mysticwood Records label, she loves breaking boundaries and exploring all the musical genres that will inspire her next releases.


In the enchanting realm of bass music, īnkūbe emerges as a DJ and singer who subtly guides you through a sonic journey of abyss frequencies. She distinguishes herself with her talent for blending deep soundscapes, traversing various genres of electronic music, creating sets that are consistently eclectic. A true music explorer, īnkūbe's sets have gained recognition at events like Rampage Open Air, Les Jardins Électroniques, Drop In Bass, EZ! and more, infusing her distinct touch of dark, intoxicating sensuality.


DnB/Bass producer Kumarion pushes the boundaries of modern sound design, drawing on his North African and Middle Eastern roots. Launched in 2015, his musical project combines dark and melodic elements with influences from the punk/reggae scene and Dub/Jungle Bass music. His track 'Want It' made its mark on festivals in 2020, garnering over 4.2 million streams on Spotify and praise from Boombox Cartel, Clozee, Feed Me, JOYRYDE, Madeon and RL Grime. His 'Wanna/Closer' EP was released on UKF's Pilot Imprint, and his track 'Enemy' was included in the first compilation on RL Grime's Sable Valley label. In 2021, Kumarion appeared on Monstercat, UKF, Deadbeats, and Jadu Dala, and was named by Billboard as one of 10 dance artists to watch. With his commitment to drum & bass in America, expect new releases and explorations in the bass genre throughout 2022 and beyond.


Mandidextrous is an underground dance music icon, known for exploring innovative genres such as Jungletek and Raggatek. As a transgender artist, he has broken barriers by touring internationally and writing all the tracks for the closing ceremony of the Boomtown Fair festival in 2019. His energetic music, ranging from DNB to Hardtek and Speedbass, is hailed for its captivating performances in venues and festival arenas. In 2021, Mandi focuses on his D&B productions, continuing to embody innovation in UK rave culture.