[40 years] Punk and rock concert


This Wednesday evening, we've got a concert lined up with live bands ranging from rock and punk to traditional Breton music!



A regional band of modern rock

Ramoneurs de Menhirs

In 1985, the bagpipe-playing cousins, Eric and Jean-Pierre, played with Les Bérurier Noir on "Vive le feu", released on the Maxi 45 "Joyeux merdier". They also shared the stage with Les Béru at the Trans Musicales in Rennes in 2003. Richard joined Eric for Astropolis in Brest in 2005. Winners of several competitions, they won the Matelin An Dall trophy at the Lorient Festival in 2005 and 2006. In 2006, their album "Kerne Izel" featured Louise Ebrel, Momo and Loran Béru, blending Breton traditions and punk energy. From there, the adventure of Les Ramoneurs de Menhirs was born, with their album "Dañs an Diaoul", fusing punk rock and Breton traditional music to reawaken the spirit of a free Brittany.